Love is a smoke made with the fume of sighs.

I’m sinking inside
And the masts and lines are broken down tonight.
I swallow my pride
But we’re drowning in the ocean and it’s tearing my heart open

Baby, we’re high then we’re low, first it’s yes then it’s no, and we’re changing like the tides
Yeah, but I want you, I need you, and I guarantee you we’ll make it out alive

'Cause I don’t wanna fight no more,
Even when the waves get rough
I don’t wanna see the day we say we’ve had enough

And I don’t wanna fight this war
Bullets coming off our lips
But we stick to our guns and we love like battleships.
Like battleships.

So…I was playing the Sims and all of a sudden my guys head is in his chest…

I’m so fucking sick of this. Of fucking everything. I’m so done…so fucking done



like how much more obvious does this need to be made for people to get it?

this isnt even an exaggeration 

like at all

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The best thing about tonight’s that we’re not fighting
Could it be that we have been this way before
I know you don’t think that I am trying
I know you’re wearing thin down to the core

But hold your breath
Because tonight will be the night that I will fall for you
Over again
Don’t make me change my mind
Or I won’t live to see another day
I swear it’s true
Because a guy like you is impossible to find
You’re impossible to find

This is not what I intended
I always swore to you I’d never fall apart
You always thought that I was stronger
I may have failed
But I have loved you from the start


Theater Series | Hiroshi Sugimoto | Socks Studio

Starting in the late 1970s, Hiroshi Sugimoto took pictures of cinemas interiors and drive-ins with the aim of encapsulate the whole lenght of a movie in a single shot. He left the camera shutters open throughout the running of a movie and the glowing screen of the cinemas was left as a trace on each take. A somehow uncanny light resonates in the dark cinema halls. At a further glance, this central light ethereally underlines the rich architectural details of the theater interiors. You might want to confront Sugimoto’s work with Michael Wesely’s, a photographer that uses to take photographs featuringi  3 years long exposures: read “The passing of time“, (on Socks).

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…The fuck am I watching this scary fucking movie by myself? At least I have my dog…I’m gonna pee myself, I swear.


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